White Rabbits

White Rabbits and Flat White Spaces is proudly supported by the Queensland Government, Gold Coast City Council, Burleigh Brewing Company and Surfers Inkspot Printing.

Featuring Artwork by
Kid9 www.kid9.net
Trent Mitchell www.tmphoto.com.au
Shelli Bankier www.bluespherephotography.com
Bhats www.skeleton.tumblr.com
Fiona Kennedy-Altoft – www.visualartistinfo.com
Gus Eagleton – www.guseagleton.com
Daniel Johnston Living Old Tattoo Studio
Limited Space www.lmtdspace.wordpress.com

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Studio 9 Rabbit + Cocoon
23 Hillcrest Parade, Miami
Parking on Hillcrest Parade

Photos from the Show