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Kid 9

Josh KID9 Thorsen is an illustrator and graphic designer living on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia. As a child of the eighties its clear to see that KID9s work is heavily influenced by his childhood love of classic cartoons, skateboarding culture, comics and anime. KID9s earlier work exploded with bold color palettes giving life to goonish characters and the world in which they were created, leaving the viewer experiencing nothing short of an LSD flashback. More recently, having experienced life as a father of 2 with partner in crime Kat Cameron aka TeamKitten, KID9s work has matured and become more refined using simpler but just as bold color palettes and a much cleaner, individual line style. Working in the graphic design industry for the last 7 years has also strengthened his love for typography and letter design.Consistently producing original, inspiring work since the late 1990s, KID9 has firmly cemented his position within the Australian lowbrow art and sneaker culture scene. He is regularly invited to participate in live paint installations and has exhibited in and curated solo and group shows worldwide.

KID9 has collaborated with some of Australias leading streetwear labels and stores to develop clothing ranges, interior installations and branding including Mambo, Laced Sneaker Culture, Scribe Outlined, Sneak & Destroy, TRNRS and has also been featured in numerous publications including Semi Permanent (Aus), We Are The Image Makers, World Wide Designers (France) Peak Street Magazine, Colorink (USA), Libertine and Out4Fame.

KID9 is truly an all rounder, able to execute from concept to production on digital and traditional projects ranging from branding and identity to hand painted murals and installations.



Trent Mitchell

Trent travels far and wide in search of the perfect moment, location and light to capture his pictures.

Dancing the line between art and life, Trent creates surreal images that speak the truth with a rare, unexplainable connection. He has an innate ability to truly capture the essence of his subject with an undeniably unique twist.

A highly adaptable photographer, Trent is not bound to one genre of image making. Positive, creative, open minded, curious and youthful; he works with a passion for visual communication, light rendition, design and the limitless possibilities of the world.

In direct reflection of these traits, Trent has an extended list of extremely happy clients from many varied backgrounds. Trents clients not only love his work, but enjoy being able to nurture and evolve their creative vision with him to create projects that stand out in any market place.



Shelli Bankier

The beauty of the blue sphere

The pulse of the earth is the energetic power of water, the strongest element The symphony of the sun, moon and Mother Earth and the energy that moves through Oceans to create the perfect movement of a wave

How to describe the the captivating grace of of the Ocean in wordsit seem not enough. A photgraph, an image made with Light, gives much more, capturing a freeze frame moment in time of the universdal energy that moves through water, begun so near or so far away, the Oceans heartbeatsounding the drum as the water falls

My photographic work of the vast Ocean blue steps away from commercial surf photography. Growing up on a yacht sailing around the world profoundly connected me to the Sea, giving me saltwater in my veins. I have always felt a strong affinity and passionate love for the Ocean, of the beauty and freedom that the Ocean so inspires This ties in to my love of photography, having received my first camera when I was two years old and while growing up, being inspired by my dad, an avid amateur cameraman. I began surfing at thirteen but at sixteen was injured with a spinal injury in a car accident and had to learn how to walk and surf again. Surf and ocean photography for me is a way to connect to the ocean through a unique vision.

Being blessed to live on one of the most beautiful coastlines on the globe, and having travelled and learnt from some of the best surf photographers in the world, I am able to paint with my camera, to capture these singular moments in time I like to let my photography speak for itself, to create a scenic ambience, a free sense of space and bring the Ocean in through the windows of my images

a window to another place, of water and Ocean dreams to awaken eyes to the great Ocean that supports all life, as Water and Ocean are the essence of all life on this planet the basis of the elemental cycles that sustain the world, and to the care we must all give in appreciation that now is the time to change humanitys effect on the world

Photographing the Ocean over the past eight years has shown me the energetic flow of the Ocean waves as the water moves and breaks, and has taught me to see and describe in my imagery, through the camera eye, the form and texture, the importance of light, the pivotal moment, that balance of movement and the space inbetween a space of stillness, of an in-breath and an out-breath.

This transcribes into other areas of my photographic work, such as portrait, band and fashion photography the awareness of that balance of moments, energy, form and light.

.Understand the Oceans




The work of prolific urban artist Bhats, is an eclectic mix of whimsical and edgy illustrations. Bhats drawings depict his quirky take on the world around him and yet with a delicate and detailed approach in pen and ink, there lies an occasional subtle cold edge. His interest in flora and fauna and nature weaves like a common thread throughout his drawings with underlying thoughts of reality and unreality.

An appreciation for the urban environment also inspires Bhats creative interests in an expression of edgy and complementary works, often tucked away for a lucky voyeur to stumble across, that contains the hard edge of being on the street, yet still emits softness and warmth.



Fiona Kennedy-Altoft

Fiona completed her Visual Arts degree at QUT in 1993. She is a dedicated artist and art educator .  Fiona’s latest series explores the aspects of human behaviour that compare to animals this is done through the use of anthropomorphized hybrids.

Currently Fiona is exhibiting in a solo at the Gold Coast Regional Art Gallery and is now working towards a solo exhibition at Retrospect Galleries on the Gold Coast.

2009 saw Fiona in solo exhibitions at 19 Karen Gallery on the Gold Coast, Chiang Mai Thailand and Robyn Bauer in Brisbane, she was selected as part of the Artist Studio section of the Melbourne Art Fair 09 and Frances Keevil Gallery stand at Sydney Art Fair 09.

She has been selected in the 2011 Prometheus Art Prize and in 2010 Fiona was a finalist in the Caldera, Cricket and Calleen art prizes.

She was the 2007 winner of “Going Public-New and Emerging artists” award at the Town Hall Gallery Melbourne. Finalist in the Stanthorpe Art Prize and won the Scots PGC Art Award.

Fiona is the recipient of three Gold Coast City Council Regional Art Development Grants. Her works are found in collections in England, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy,Canada and most capital cities of Australia.



Gus Eagleton

Painting for me, is an opportunity to express my thoughts and ideas. My work is inevitably always about the viewer. I find myself continually interested with the many and varied lives of everyday people. I present imagery to my viewers, hoping to make a lasting impression and to inspire alterations in the thoughts of individuals.My work is created with a sense of humour; I suppose one could even call it sarcasm. For how can we take any issues social or political seriously?My current works are a look at the mind and how it comprehends certain situations. How do we reach real conclusions after a life of bias ideology? How do people justify their actions, evil or good? There are many examples as to why this is, often times it will take a lifetime of harsh surroundings and inappropriate teachings to create a group of people with violent mind sets. Or on the other hand people able to evaluate the truth with compassion. I create images so that others will question the context for themselves, and also so that I myself may grow to understand. I hope my art would create an atmosphere enabling us to question our beliefs, encouraging us to look further then the surface.



Daniel Johnston

Daniel is currently working at Living Old Tattoo Studio in Burleigh heads. He is a master of sketching, fleshing out his clients requests on any type of paper he can get his hands on.


Limited Space

A new artists collective based in Australia, Limited Space is a group of young and emerging artists with a cause. The collectives ambition is to give emerging artists a place to showcase and promote their works.

Limited Space