Exhibition No.1

Domonique Falla

Dominique Falla is a designer/artist, author and teacher. She convenes the Graphic Design program at Griffith University on the Gold Coast and is currently studying for her Doctorate in Visual Arts (DVA) where she is exploring the concept of the designer//slash//artist as a new and unique genre. This exhibition is a fantastic example of just that.



Josh Rufford

Josh Rufford likes to draw, paint and animate using pens, ink, acrylic, watercolours and any kind of found objects to create interesting visual compositions. Josh currently works as a graphic designer by day and freelance illustrator/animator by night.



Natalie Maurer

Born in 1988 in Switzerland, Natalie immigrated to Australia in 1998. Whilst nearing the completion of her double degree in Visual Art and Secondary Education at the Queensland University of Technology, Natalie hopes to share her skills and knowledge with those willing to learn.  Having always been fascinated by popular culture and the strange, she finds inspiration in things that lack conventional beauty.


Tal Fitzpatrick 

Tal Fitzpatrick is a 23 year old multidisciplinary visual artist, arts-worker and fashion designer. Tal moved to the Gold Coast with her family at the age of 8 from her birth country of Israel and it is there where she continues to live and work. Tal graduated from Griffith University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts with 1st Class Honours, where she majored in Contemporary Arts and Creative Arts Industries. Since then she has been involved in many exhibitions, community projects and events as both an artist and as a facilitator or coordinator. Tal currently works as the Resilience Leadership Officer at Volunteering Queensland.



Nelson Nokela

Inspired by the Iconic Skate and Surf Art from the 80s, early 90s. Nelsons work is done mostly with Highlighters and Nikko pens onto wood.This interesting combination of Media results in over saturated neon brights contained in bold, crowded linework compositions.Currently living on the Gold Coast, he has spent an extensive amount of time travelling through Asia where he studied many of the Traditional Asian art styles which are also a big influence on his Art.



Joelle Peters

Joelle Peters is a digital designer and freelance illustrator from Brisbane, Australia. She specialises in digital fashion illustration and has been featured in Vogue Australia and Oyster International. Her aesthetic focuses around delicate line-work, detailed faces, simple shading and pastel colours.

Joelle Peters Illustration Facebook


Caitlyn Coupe

Caitlyn Coupe is in her final year of study at QCA at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, where she majors in Fine Art and 3D Design. Her latest artworks are sculptural pieces assembled from found or discarded objects; focusing on the pursuit of and obsession with materialistic possession.